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First Trailer of The Boy and the Heron

The YouTube channel of the American film distributor GKIDS Films has released a trailer for The Boy and the Heron. The trailer showcases the main character Mahito and his fantastical journey in coming to terms with a loved one’s death.

Images and Teaser of The Boy and The Heron

After years of secrecy, Studio Ghibli is sharing a glimpse into Hayao Miyazaki’s vibrant new film, The Boy and the Heron. 

“The Imaginary” by Studio Ponoc announced for Winter 2023

Studio Ponoc has announced that they are producing an anime film based on the book “The Imaginary”. The announcement came alongside a brand new teaser trailer providing a first look at the upcoming film as well as its key art. The movie will see its release in Japan in the winter of 2023.

“How Do You Live?”: First Movie Poster and Release Date revealed

Studio Ghibli has announced the Japanese release date for the next film from director Hayao Miyazaki. The movie, titled “How do you live?”, will open in theaters in Japan on July 14, 2023.

Japan’s long-awaited Ghibli Park is now open

Fans of Studio Ghibli have yet another reason to travel to Japan. A new theme park dedicated to the popular animation company’s productions is finally open in Aichi prefecture, less than an hour from Kyoto by train.

Reprints and fakes

Today, almost all film posters are available in reprint form from various outlets including eBay, but these reprints are almost always very easy to spot as the print quality is poor, they are notably undersized and the paper they are printed on is incorrect.

Eirin and the Eirin Mark

The Film Classification and Rating Organization (映画倫理機構, Eiga Rinri Kikō), also known as Eirin (映倫), is Japan’s self-regulatory film regulator. It classifies films into one of four categories depending on their suitability for viewing by minors of different ages. Its headquarters are located in Chūō, Tokyo, Japan.