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Reprints and fakes

Today, almost all film posters are available in reprint form from various outlets including eBay, but these reprints are almost always very easy to spot as the print quality is poor, they are notably undersized and the paper they are printed on is incorrect.

Eirin and the Eirin Mark

The Film Classification and Rating Organization (映画倫理機構, Eiga Rinri Kikō), also known as Eirin (映倫), is Japan’s self-regulatory film regulator. It classifies films into one of four categories depending on their suitability for viewing by minors of different ages. Its headquarters are located in Chūō, Tokyo, Japan.

Japanese poster formats

As told before, the focus of the collection is the B2 size Studio Ghibli’s Japanese posters. The Japanese movie industry is significant by any international measure. In 2010 it produced more films that the U.K. and France combined, only lagging behind India, the United States and China.

Ghibli Movie Collection

Studio Ghibli is bringing back every original poster and pamphlet for all 23 of its feature films in a new “Ghibli Movie Collection” merch line. This includes all 49 visuals that were used to promote the films during their original releases. These include alternate illustrations along with the familiar poster visuals.