Ghibli Movie Collection

Studio Ghibli is bringing back every original poster and pamphlet for all 23 of its feature films in a new “Ghibli Movie Collection” merch line. This includes all 49 visuals that were used to promote the films during their original releases. These include alternate illustrations along with the familiar poster visuals.

This being Studio Ghibli, they’ve stayed as faithful as they could to the original process. Instead of simply printing out a bunch of digital copies, where possible they’ve tracked down the original printing plates, most of which were created decades ago, and brought them out of retirement.

They’re even going so far as to using the same non-standard ink colors, outside the standard four-color printing process, that they originally did, to make sure the fresh batch of posters’ colors are rich and authentic.

As mentioned above the original printing plates were used whenever possible, but they’ve been lost for a few pieces (Nausicaa: Theatre-use poster 1 and ticket pre-sale poster, Porco Rosso theater-use poster 1 and 2, My Neighbors the Yamadas theater-use poster 1 and 2, Howl’s Moving Castle theater-use poster 1, and the pamphlets for Nausicaa, Castle in the Sky, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and My Neighbors the Yamadas), requiring them to be recreated by scanning.

The posters are being sold in B2 size. The pamphlets will retain the exact same contents. Posters cost 1,320 yen (about US$9), while pamphlets cost 1,100 yen.

The Ghibli Park will sell the new merch line at its November 1 opening, but you can also get your hands on it through the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka and its corresponding online shop, as well as the Toho Animation online store.

Purchases of over 2,000 yen through the Toho Animation store will come with an A4-size paper file with all 49 poster visuals embedded in it.

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Ghibli Movie Collection


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