Pom Poko / B2 / Japan / Reissue



Pom Poko / B2 / Japan / Reissue

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Pom Poko


Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko (Japan – original title) | Pom Poko: A Grande Batalha dos Guaxinins (Portugal)


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B2, Reissue



51.5 x 72.8 cm

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“Even raccoon dogs are doing their best” (タヌキだってがんばってるんだよォ)

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This is an original B2 Japanese poster for the re-release of “Pom Poko” (平成狸合戦ぽんぽこ).

As civilisation draws ever nearer to their idyllic forest home, a group of mischievous Japanese tanuki (raccoon dogs – Nyctereutes procyonoides) try to scare humans away. But they soon discover that humans are not their only rivals in the struggle for their age-old territory.

Released in 1994 as the Japanese economy slumped, but looking back to the sixties construction boom in Tokyo’s Tama Hills, Pom Poko questions the money-grabbing ethics of yuppie Japan, and mourns the loss of the countryside. Drawing on Japanese myths and legends, writer and director Isao Takahata presents a satirical view of woodland spirits using every available magical ruse to take on modern developers: including transformations, sabotage and trickery.

Pom Poko is a unique window into Japanese folklore, a comedy of modern failings, and an elegiac tale of unlikely heroes fighting insurmountable odds.

Essentially, the life of the raccoons dogs is revealed to us in two distinct ways: either through their realistic representation as animals or through the use of humour and fantasy. The first two poster design’s (Style A and B) illustrate that two-sided nature of the movie.

The image used on this poster was designed by Kazuo Oga, a member of the art staff.

Its catchphrase is “Even raccoon dogs are doing their best” (タヌキだってがんばってるんだよォ), which was coined by Shigesato Itoi.

The film was originally distributed by Toho Company in 1994. However, this poster was later produced when the film was released under Daiei distribution. Notice that, in the bottom, it lists all of the film awards the movie won at the time. Posters for films which were re-released are referred to as reissue or re-release posters. These reissue posters are real movie posters in every sense, but they were specifically made for the re-release.


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